Who is Mindset?

Professional Biography:

Dr. Richard Schultz is a licensed psychologist who has worked within clinical and forensic settings for the past 19 years. After earning his Masters and Doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology from Georgia State University, Dr. Schultz completed his residency training in the Medical College of Virginia’s Department of Psychiatry, and did post-graduate work in forensic psychology at The University of Virginia’s Institute for Law and Public Policy.

Dr. Schultz has conducted research, published and given presentations in the areas of personality disorder diagnosis and treatment, forensic psychological assessment, psychopharmacology, and the impact of psychopathology on medical illness progression. Dr. Schultz has taught graduate and undergraduate university courses in psychopathology, psychological assessment, group dynamics and interpersonal skill development.

In the civil forensic arena, Dr. Schultz has served as an independent examiner in matters of child custody, parental fitness, psychological injury, and disability. In the criminal realm, he has consulted to the courts regarding defendant mental state at offense, competency to stand trial, amenability to treatment, and risk potential.

In addition to maintaining an active clinical practice in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Schultz has consulted to numerous Fortune 500 organizations on issues of executive selection, leadership development, and process improvement. His professional associations include the The American Psychological Association, The Anxiety Disorders Association of America, and The Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies. Dr. Schultz was born on Long Island, New York, grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago, and currently resides in Atlanta.

Dr. Schultz founded The Mindset Group, LLC, in 2010 to deliver empirically valid, effective and ethical mental health guidance and education via the internet.  The Mindset mission is to provide support to all individuals in distress, and to those who are otherwise unable to access and utilize mental health consultation due to logistic and financial obstacles.  While psychotherapy is available to some, Mindset is here for everyone.

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