Level 1 and Level 2: A Great Place to Start

Without any further explanation of the Mindset mission, I want you to jump with me right into an extremely useful and effective Mindset intervention. This is the concept of Level 1 and Level 2 thinking, a simple but powerful tool for reducing the level of distress you are experiencing, no matter how bad things actually are. Level 1 thinking refers to the basic acknowledgement of the problems with which you are actually struggling right now. Some examples of Level 1 thoughts might be:

I am depressed, anxious or angry.

I’m miserable at my job, and I don’t feel I’m taken seriously by my boss.

I’m not involved in a romantic relationship, and have no prospects.

I am feeling inadequate or unlovable.

Social situations terrify me, and I sometimes have panic attacks

I am worried almost all of the time about something.

I am an addict.

My marriage is not going well, and I might be headed for divorce.

I’m disorganized and I don’t use my time well.

I’m grieving the loss of someone close to me; they either died or they dumped me.

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